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Dandeli Reunion - Explore the Unexplored

Recently we planned a reunion of our degree(BE) project mates in Dandeli.We were meeting after nearly 19 years as a family group. We were six people in the project group and one person could not make it to the reunion due to personal work. We really had a great time visitng this place eventhough we missed the rafting in Kali river.  


One of our friends Nitin Kulkarni came up with an idea of reunion like this and we started to plan for the trip. We started to search for places for such an event. We considered Taarkarli beach, Mahabaleswar, Dandeli etc. Finally we decided to meet in Dandeli as it was convinient for most of the folks. 2 families were travelling from Bangalore,1 family from Belgaum and 2 families from Pune. As we had started planning one months in advance, we were able to book the bus/train tickets to reach to Dandeli. We searched for all the available resorts and different type of accomodation in or near Dandeli.   

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Dandeli is during winter from November- March.

How to get here

By Road
From Dharwar: You can get to Dandeli through Haliyal. It is nearly 55-60KM drive.
From Belgaum:                 1) Through Ramnagar-Ganeshgudi. It is 95 KM. This road is not so good
                                2) Through Nandgad- Haliyal. It is 106 KM. This road is better than the option above.
By Train
Nearest railway station is Londa. You can reach to Londa and get a taxi to Dandeli or Ganeshgudi. 

Where to stay
One can stay in resorts or homestays in Dandeli. Resorts are little expensive and provide good accomodation whereas homestays are less expensive and also provide good accomodation.

There are many resorts available in and around Dandeli. some of them are provided below.
Bison River Resort

Hornbill River Resort

Kulgi Nature Camp

Kali Adventure Camp, Dandeli


There are many homestays available in and around Dandeli. Some good ones are given below.
Dandeli Jungle Inn
Contact Murali / Manju on 09845028667/09900671757
Landline number: 08284 232182
We stayed in this home stay and had real nice time. Very good for family. Murali and Manju takes care of the guest very well. Manju had taken us for bird watching and trekking.

Jungle Inn Dining Area

Jungle Inn Outside view
Play area for kids

Amara Homestay
This is the best home stay but we could not get accommodation here. They provide accommodation in tents as well. Next time plan to stay here.

Stanlay Homestay

Things to do
Jungle Safari
This is nearly 2 hours open jeep safari through Anshi tiger reserve.You can spot different animals like Deer,Elephants,Bison,Tigers,Peacocks, Snakes etc. The jungle is very thick and has 2-3 view points. We were lucky to spot deers,goose and peacocks.
Picture from Moving Jeep
Deer Spotted
View from a view point in Jungle Safari

Syntheri Rocks
This is one of the locations where you can find different rocks. This is very good location and has a small water fall for taking pictures. One needs to climb down nearly 300 steps to reach the base of this location. While climbing up one can take a walkway (not through steps).

Syntheri Rocks
Rocks found around this area

Closer view

Natural Trail/Trekking
One can trek in the jungle to discover more about the jungle.Please make sure you have guide with you for the trek. This again is a cool experience.
Glimpse of flowers


Touch me not
White anthill created in 5 days

Black anthill
Bird Watching
One can go to watch birds in forest. Hornbill is one of the major birds which is found around Dandeli.
Hornbill in flight

The great Indian Pride Horn bill. Very rare bird to be spotted. It is like spotting tiger in jungle safari
White breasted see gull and horn bill

Green breasted pigeon

Some bird

Green bird

Kayaking is available at Bison River resort. This is the first time I was doing kayaking and its really nice experience.


Natural Jackuji
Natura Jackuji is available at Bison river resort. This is great experience.


We could not do the white water rafting as there was shutdown.

Camp fire
Jungle Inn and other resorts in the area arrange a camp fire.

Temple at Ulavi
There is a Channa Basav Temple at Ulavi.

Supa Dam
Supa dam is built on Kali river. It is built between two hills and gives a viewer a fantastic view.


One can get good vegetarian and non veg food around Dandeli. Jungle Inn team provided us with very good food (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
If you are near Joida visit Nagaraj Naik's place for lunch or dinner. They serve great food.
Nagaraj Naik: 0948 063 5310. Please give a call at least 1 hour before reaching this place if the group is more than 4 people.


We played following games during campfire.
1) Clap at 7: This game is played with counting numbers 1,2,3.....Each participant has to count a loud a number for his/her turn.When anyone gets a number 7 or multiple of 7 (14,21,28,...) or number with 7 (17,27,..) one has to clap instead of saying it a loud.The target is to reach maximum number as a team.
2) Kachchi Papayee, Pakki Papayee :Participants has to alternatively say a loud KachiPapayee or Pakki Papayee as per their turn.
3) Gobi Pukka, Kagi Pukka: same as above

Travel Tips

Plan to stay in home stays as they are less expensive and provide a similar experience as resorts.
The roads from Belgaum and Dharwar are not so good.
There are lot of agents who help in arranging tours around this area. Please make sure you have done good homework before you finalize on the stay.

Some links which will help

Adding a picture of the group.
Nitin Kulkarni,Baba Nadgir,Mohan Koti, Nitin Kangutkar,Mahesh Kulkarni,Mrs Kruti Nadgir, Mrs Gauri Koti,Mrs Prachi Kulkarni and Mrs Smitha Kangutkar.
Kids: Abhignya Nadgir,Aniket Nadgir, Sharanya Koti,Shrambhavi Koti,Sanika Kulkarni,Avanti Kanutkar,Natasha Kangutkar,Sharavani Koti


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