Sunday, August 21, 2011


We are hearing about fight against corrruption everywhere in India....I would like share the following story and get some answers on corruption

A person riding a bike breaks the traffic light and due to which he crashes into a walking person who also did not follow traffic light...people on the street are scolding the person on the bike. Police catch holds of the person on the bike. He offers money to the police and police accepts it and let the person go.....

It is very simple story and you see ppl breaking the signal every minute (as walking ppl think it's there road and it is responsibility of the ppl driving the automobile to look and drive)

Who is corrupt in the above story?

Person on bike,Person walking, Police, Govt

In my my opinion all first three as Govt had installed the traffic light...

What is corruption?

Is it only paying the money?

Why there is corruption?

Is it due to person breaking the signal?

I know there are lot of ways ppl can be corrupt and has impact on the common people...I thought of this story and see what leads to corruption. In my opinion any bill will not stop the corruption unless and until people have discipline to follow it. If at all the lokpal bill comes into effect the story of ppl breaking the traffic signal does not change... There is no use in saying I'm Anna....We as people should try to bring that discipline, not insist for Govt to come with the bill...

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  1. Your example seems more of an indiscipline rather than corruption. Ofcourse both of these (indiscipline, corruption) will only improve, when each and every individual gets aware of what he/she is doing. But as a society /system we cannot rely on that, hence we need rules / laws / governance to keep control on such aspects.
    Now in the above story, to control the traffic and bring in discipline, we have the Traffic Signals.
    What about Corruption, is there anything in place to tackle that .... there are... but you know to what extent those are effective. Effectivity of traffic laws is much much more than the effectivity of anti-corruption laws.