Sunday, October 16, 2011

Changing times....lead to changing policies....

It is often observed that changing times does not lead to change in policies within in India or it takes longer time for a policy change to be effective and the the policy update considered for the change is already Chnaged......:-)
We are seeing the change in the way people work (at least in IT)....due to some of the following major reasons
1. Inceasing traffic
2. Travel time
3. Pollution
4. Time for family
5. Technological advance
6. Shift work
7. Working for customers who are not in the same timezone as India.etc..

I tried to highlight some major reasons above and there may be many.....

The above reasons have lead people to Work From Home (WFH)...

With this blog I would like to highlight some of the things employees,employers and the Govt...can do to make it easier for people to adopt to changing times.

I don't want to go into the history of WFH so providing a link below for you to go through.

As can be seen from the wiki article there are advantages and disadvantages of adopting to WFH.

As more and more organisations start to adopt to the new trend in working my concern would be Govt and Employers not planning the change in trend. Also the concern with employees would be not utilising the time and trend professionally.

Employees should be professional enough to give 100% work during WFH...
Employers on the other hand have specific controls benefits for the employees working from home.
Govt could build a good policy around the new trend which actually saves lot of fuel costs...improves communities...allows physically challenged to take advantage of the change in trend...

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