Saturday, December 17, 2011

iPod to is possible.. :-)

Recently I converted iPod touch 4g to iPhone... Thx to Abhijit Patki for finding the Raisoo product.
I thought to share the information with my friend community through this blog....This blog below
is based on mobile service providers in India.
1) Supporting phone app and message app similar to iPhone
2) Dual SIM card.
4) Supports most of the GSM networks within India..
Features not tested
2) 3G support.
What you need for converting iPod to iPhone.
1) Jailbroken iPod touch 4G..refer the link below for jailbreaking your iPod Touch (
2) Raisoo New Peel T4 (for 4G iPods) ( This product support dual SIM cards... :-)
3) SIM cards with PIN removed. (Please refer to notes below on how to remove the PIN)

How to guide
1) Jail Break the iPod Touch
If you have not upgraded to iOS 5.0.1...luck is with you as there are some issues of jailbreak with iOS 5.0.1. If you have upgraded to iOS not worry there is lot of work going on to come up with jail break app..soon....
Jail Break your iPod as per the link above.
2) Order Raisoopeel T4 from or
2) Download Raiso apps and install.. Please follow the steps given in the link below
3) Remove the PIN from SIM card
a) Call your mobile service provider and get the PIN for your SIM if you do not know it already.
b) Goto to settings>>Security>SIM PIN and click to disable security. You may be asked to input PIN for confirmation.
c) Press OK/Enter to remove PIN security.
4) Insert the SIM card in the Raissopeel and connect iPod.
5) Access the Raisoo Phone application and Register your IMEI number with Raisso app downloaded in the above step.
6) Restart the iPod (if the iOS 5.01, then you have to use tethered boot using the software you used for jail breaking the iPod.
7) Start making calls and sending SMS.
I did transfom iPod touch to iPhone on 12/16/2011 and so far I'm finding it very interesting and robust.
Cost comparison
If you want a Apple iPhone 4g you might be paying more than Rs 30000. With this transformation the iPhone is ready with less than Rs 15000....
1) iPod 8 GB: Rs 6000 -Rs -8000
2) Raiso Peel T4 : Rx 4500($ 90) approx from

So guys anyone wants to try some technical stuff as above... welcome to join the club...


  1. I got the last issue resolved by changing the IMEI in Pune. Now both the SIM slots are working without any issues.

  2. Raisoo has fixed the GPRS also...:-)

  3. Hi Mak, I'm using ipod touch 4g from past 1 year.ur blog sounded very interesting to me.But i would like to buy this product in Bangalore. can u provide some info on this.

  4. Sachin,

    The Raisoo is available through you want to buy.