Friday, April 11, 2014

India Political Ecosystem - Thodasa Humour Ho Jaye

India Political Ecosystem

I thought of putting together an India political ecosystem which is making so much noise in election time. This is all imaginary work. Any relevance to living or dead person is strictly coincidence.   

Pongress is like a Lion where most of the hunting is done by females and males just watch :-).
Lions take rest for 20 hours per day which is so true for Pongress..resting most of the time out of 60 years they ruled :-).
Lions often steal kills from hyenas, wild dogs, cheetahs, leopards...different parties supporting UPA.

PJP is like Tiger which has an average hunt-to-kill ratio is 5-30%. This is proved by the fact they have hardly any time (about 5 years out of 67 years) ruled India.
Probably only one in about 15-20 attacks are successful. Hopefully this time it is successful J
Tigers are usually solitary in nature which is proved by the fact that many of the PJP leaders who are bachelors. :-). Also lot of parties do not want to join BJP in the name of secularism...:-)

RAP and BNS are like a Monkey which is always jumping from one branch to other without any goal in mind.
This is so true for the fact that they keep on bringing corruption/other issues to media but never know the end result...Bobert Badra is still roaming free...Many toll nakas are still operating....
Everybody is aware of the cap seller and monkeys story...Monkeys do not have any mind of their own... just imitate what others do.... :-)..Pejri imitating Tanna.... :-)...Taaj imitating Kaal...:-)

ThivTena is like a bear...which communicate with each other by establishing a hierarchy in situations where they encounter each other.One person ruled this party for so long.... :-)
Bears produce a variety of vocalizations such as
·         Moaning, produced mostly as mild warnings to potential threats or in fear,
·         Barking, produced during times of alarm, excitement or to give away the animal's position.
·         Huffing, made during courtship or between mother and cubs to warn of danger.
·         Growling, produced as strong warnings to potential threats or in anger.
·         Roaring, used much for the same reasons as growls and also to proclaim territory and for intimidation.
·         Humming, a loud monotonous buzzing sound, primarily employed by cubs.
So true for ThivTena always making some or the other sound.

Other Regional Parties
Capa is like a Fox always cunning, whose leader is supporting rapists.

BaCapa is like a Wolf, announcing taking out support but never take out support.
BMK and BIBMK are like a Hen always pecking for new alliance. One time Pongress one time PJP… J

BMC is like a…Jackal..always defending their territory. We will not leave Bangal….

BPI and BPIM are like .. Donkey..whichever party comes to power they will oppose…

Overall as we are living in the great democracy and all the animals are required to keep the political ecosystem at bay.

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