Thursday, January 3, 2013

240V to 120V Conversion - Simple steps

As more and more people work overseas (outside India) especially USA, there is lot of demand for importing electronic goods(TV,Gaming Console, etc) from USA.There are few questions when we plan to import goods from USA as given below.
1) What is the voltage supported in India?
2) Is there a necessity to buy transformer from USA for voltage conversion?
3) Do I need to buy the video format converter( NTSC to PAL etc)?

This blog may be helpful for people looking for connecting the 120V products with 240 V supply in India and answers to some of the questions raised above.

Items available
1) Onkyo home theatre system with Receiver
2) Sony TV (LED HDTV)
3) Sony DVD player
4) WII Gaming Console
5) DISH TV HDTV connection

Items Required
1) 240V to 120V Transforemers   2 Nos (350W and 500W)
2) Extension cable with multiple switches 2 Nos
3) HDMI Cable 2 Nos
4) RGB Cable 2 Nos
5) Cables for connecting speakers( provided by Onkyo). You may need to have your own cables if the room is big.

The circuit diagram is given below


Special Tips
1) There is no need to bring the transformers from USA
2) Video format (PAL,NTSC etc). Dish TV in India provides the set top box which can be used for any format. No need to buy a converter. One disadvantage is you have to stick to Dish TV service.
3) Read through all the manuals before you start with the setup.
4) Transformers are available in Pune with Kings Electronics. Address provided below.
461, Near Pasodya Vithoba Temple, Budhwar Peth, Pune - 411002
 +(91)-9922018989 | 24455199 | 66029545 +(91)-(20)-24455199

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