Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nikon Raw Images - Post Processing

I've been using Nikon D5000 for some time but never got chance to do some research on post processing of RAW images (.NEF files). Recently I did some research and here's my finding, if it could help anyone interested to do some post processing for free. I works great...

OS requirement
1) Windows XP SP3 (I haven't tried this on any other)


1) GIMP 2.8
2) UFRaw 0.18

You can find the GIMP software available at the link below for installation.This is a free software which is more like Adobe Photoshop. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Once this was installed I was able process .JPG images. But then I've been saving RAW format for some time without knowing I can process them in future. I found the solution, to use UFRaw to process RAW files  (.NEF).

UFRaw(Unidentified Flying Raw)  is free software available through at the link below

Installed the UFRaw but it was not working and searched the net for solution. I found the solution below.UFRaw supports wide range of raw images taken from different cameras.

Refer to 7th July 2012 post by jgauthier52 for solution on the above link.

After following the steps provided as per above post I could get UFRaw working.

I'm new to post processing and need to do more study before I post more detailed findings.

For now I hope this should help someone to start without any investment for software.

Happy post processing.

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