Friday, July 5, 2013

My IT Refund

I wanted to share the information I found while working on my IT return refund.
I filed online IT return on 22/7/2012 for the year 2011-2012. I sent the ITR V form through Indian postal service.
After waiting for some days I got to know that my IT return is transferred to local office in Pune as they needed few clarifications. And my journey to find new things started with goal to get the refund.
First of all I’d to find the ward office belonging to my PAN
Jurisdiction column gives you the WARD number.
I visited the WARD office 7(4) after finding the location of the office using the link below.
I saw multiple locations and I called the numbers provided to find WARD 7(4) location. Luckily my ward office was very near to my location.
My First Visit
Documents carried
1.       ITR V form
2.       Form 16
I reached office by 10.00 am and found that the officers come in at 11.30 am. J
I enquired about the refund. The person at the desk was able to find the details using my PAN. He found that there is demand of 35K + from me to IT dept. As per my ITR V, I was supposed to receive refund of 10K +. So the IT dept person informed me to submit a rectification request. I wrote and submitted the rectification application along with Form 16 and ITR V form. When you submit a letter to IT dept they provide acknowledgement on the Xerox of the application. Please keep the acknowledgement for further communication with IT Dept.
My Second Visit
I visited the IT office to check the status of my refund. This time I reached office at 11.30 am and still the responsible person was not in the office. J I waited till 12.15 pm and the lady informed me that my company has not posted the TDS and I need to enquire within my company.
I contacted the payroll dept in my company and enquired about the TDS. The payroll person informed me to pull the Form 26AS as it has all the information of the TDS posted to IT department.
Form 26AS
This form can be available at three places.
1. : This is the best place to pull the Form 26AS   
2.       Internet banking – view Tax Credit link from your Internet banking.
3. : once you logon you have link to view Form 26AS
Registering to : You have to fill in the following details to register for this site as the tax payer.
                PAN Number, date of birth,Last name
There are 2 options to validate the details. Option 1 is to be used. Please refer your Form 16 for the details on this section.
TAN number of the deductor : Refer to Form 16 for this number
Type of deduction: TDS Salary option has to be selected if your salaried employee
Month and Year: The details are to be filled using Annexure B (details of TDS and deposited  with central government account through challan) . Select any one line item to fill the details. For selecting the month please select End of Quarter. If the amount is posted for October select September as the month.
TDS/TCS Amount: The details are to be filled using Annexure B (details of TDS and deposited  with central government account through challan). Select same line item as above to fill the details.
Registration process is very simple once you are done with step 1.
If you run into any issues please call toll free 1800 103 0344.
Once you registered, you will receive an email and also a SMS. There are 2 activation codes (Email and SMS) which need to be used for activation.
You can download the form once you have activated your account.
My Third and Final Visit
Document carried
1.       Form 26AS
I visited the office and reached at around 12.15 pm but still the responsible person was not at office. J. Once the lady was in the office she informed me that I’d to visit NSDL to get the TDS posted to my account. I got the NSDL office address from the lady and visited the office. They informed that the NSDL is no more responsible for TDS postings and it is been transferred to TDSCPC (TRACES). The toll free number is provided above.
I called up TDSCPC and they informed me to contact Central CPC Bangalore. I contacted the Bangalore office and they informed me to connect with local office. I was back to square one.
I visited the local IT Office and informed the lady at the desk that I’ve the 26AS and it should be the proof that the TDS is posted to Govt account. The lady talked to her manager and he informed to rectify the account if 26AS is available. The lady rectified the account and input my bank details for refund and informed me that the refund should be available in 8-10 working days.
At the end all is well that ends well.

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